Storing Winter Squash

Winter squash is a summer-growing annual fruit, representing several squash species within the genus Cucurbita. It differs from summer squash in that it is harvested and eaten in the mature fruit stage, when the seeds within have matured fully and the skin has hardened into a tough rind. At this stage, most varieties of this […]

Preferring Pumpkins

Pumpkin is the fruit of the species Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbita mixta, Cucurbita maxima, or Cucurbita moschata. Canned pumpkin comes from the tan-skinned Dickinson variety of Cucurbita moschata. Pumpkins are gourd-like winter squashes of the genus Cucurbita, along with  pipian, cushaw, butternut squash, some gourds, other winter squash, zucchini, other summer squash, and acorn squash. All belong to the family Cucurbitaceae, which includes chayote, cucumbers, honeydew […]