Tempting Your Taste Buds With Tempeh

Tempeh (pronounced TEM-pay) is an Indonesian word referring collectively to a variety of fermented foods (typically cooked legumes) bound together by a dense mycelium of white Rhizopus mold into compact cakes. The most popular of these is soy tempeh. In the West tempeh is usually sold in cakes 6″ by 8″ by 3/4″ thick (15 x […]

Bacteroides Fragilis

Feeding Your Probiotic Microbes

Trillions of organisms live in your digestive tract. These microorganisms are sometimes called intestinal flora, gut flora, or gut microflora, but the vast majority of them aren’t really flora in the sense of being plants, so I refer to them as microbes. In any case, these little critters are so important to your health and […]