Tempting Your Taste Buds With Tempeh

Tempeh (pronounced TEM-pay) is an Indonesian word referring collectively to a variety of fermented foods (typically cooked legumes) bound together by a dense mycelium of white Rhizopus mold into compact cakes. The most popular of these is soy tempeh. In the West tempeh is usually sold in cakes 6″ by 8″ by 3/4″ thick (15 x […]

Enjoying Edamame

Soybeans (Glycine max) are a species of legume. Immature soybeans are called edamame. Soybeans belong to the the family Fabaceae, along with common beans (green snap beans, pinto beans, heirloom beans, Great Northern beans, black turtle beans, kidney beans, and navy beans), edible-pod and mature peas, fava beans, black-eyed peas, jicama, adzuki beans, lentils, lima beans, peanuts, chickpeas, carob, and licorice. The family also includes broom, gorse, and […]