Waking up to Corn Flakes

Corn flakes are a breakfast cereal originally manufactured by Kellogg’s. Corn (Zea), known to much of the world as maize, is a cereal grain. Cereal grains are member of the grass plant family, Poaceae, along with bamboo, wild rice (Zizania), wheat (Triticum), rice (Oryza),  oats (Avena), barley (Hordeum), millet (Echinochloa) and rye (Secale). Their starchy seeds are used for food. Corn was domesticated by indigenous peoples […]

Staying Regular With Bran Flakes

The first modern commercial breakfast cereals were created by the American Seventh-day Adventists. The Adventists formed the Western Health Reform Institute in the 1860s. The Institute was later renamed the Battle Creek Sanitarium after its location in Battle Creek, Michigan. The Adventists manufactured, promoted, and sold whole-grain cereals. Cereal grains are member of the grass […]