Shopping the Carrboro Farmer’s Market

Here’s what’s available at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market, Saturday, February 22, 2014, in order of nutrient density (ANDI scores). Click through to find out more about each item and how to use it.   Collards 1000+ Kale 1000+ Napa Cabbage, 715 Spinach 707 Arugula 604 Lettuce, Green Leaf 585 Basil 518 Radishes 502 Brussels Sprouts 490 Turnips 473 Carrots 458 Oregano 426 Parsley 381 Kohlrabi 352 Broccoli 340 Mixed Baby […]


Connecting With the Soul of the American South: Collards

Collards originated as a primitive non-head-forming cabbage, the wild Brassica oleracea plant, in the Mediterranean region, over 2000 years ago. Ancient Greeks grew kale along with collards, and the Romans grew several kinds of collards before the Christian era. Julius Caesar is said to have eaten a generous serving of collards as an indigestion preventive after attending royal banquets. It’s […]