Bringing on Elegance With Broccolini

Broccolini, also called broccolette and baby broccoli, is a cross between broccoli and kai-lan, Chinese kale. It has a sweet, delicate flavor with a subtle, peppery edge, and the flavor becomes milder and sweeter when cooked. It is completely edible, from flower to stem, and its texture is less fibrous than either broccoli or asparagus. Broccolini was developed […]

Brussels Sprouts

Stemming Disease and Promoting Budding Health

Leaves are lovely and roots rock, but other parts of plants are nutritional powerhouses as well, including stems and buds. Here are stem and bud vegetables listed by ANDI score: Brussels Sprouts 490 Kohlrabi 352 Broccolini 342 Broccoli, raw 340 Cauliflower, raw 315 Broccoli, cooked; Cauliflower, cooked 294 Asparagus, 205 Bean Sprouts 177 Celery 151 Artichoke 145 Cardoons 120 Radish Sprouts 114 Rhubarb, cooked […]