Honoring Bay Leaves

Bay leaves (Laurus nobilis) are also known as bay laurel. They come from the Lauraceae family, which also includes the more strongly flavored California bay leaf (Umbellularia californica), also known as the California laurel, Oregon myrtle, and pepperwood,  the Mexican bay leaf (Litsea glaucescens), and the cinnamon-flavored Indian bay leaf or malabathrum (Cinnamomum tamala). These bay leaves are […]


Turning Over a New Leaf

Leafy green vegetables, also called greens, vegetable greens, leafy greens, or salad greens, are plant leaves eaten by humans. Leafy greens the healthiest food you can eat. Anyone who might think that leafy greens are boring should know that there are leaves from nearly 1,000 species of plants that humans eat. Leafy greens are low in calories and fat, high in protein, fiber, iron, and calcium, and […]