Why are vegans so preachy?

Do you really believe that inflicting pain and suffering on animals is justified because you were raised to believe that consuming animal flesh and secretions is normal, natural, and necessary? Or do you realize, somewhere deep inside, that vegans might be on to something? Do you realize that you do love animals and that it […]

Understanding the Healthfulness of a Vegan Diet

There really isn’t any scientific debate about the healthfulness of a purely plant-based diet. Informed professionals no longer maintain that it’s necessary for humans to consume animal flesh or secretions. Mainstream professional organizations acknowledge that a sound vegan diet is perfectly adequate for human health, including: the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics the American Diabetes Association the […]

Comprehending the Importance of Choline

Choline, a water-soluble nutrient, is the newest official member of the B vitamin family. Even though it has only recently been adopted as a vitamin, choline has been the subject of nutritional investigations for almost 150 years. Adolph Strecker discovered choline in 1864 and it was chemically synthesized in 1866. In the late 1930s, scientists […]