About Salette Andrews

Salette Andrews, MS, lives a healthy, joyful life in Wilmington, North Carolina. She holds a Master’s degree in Technical Communication Management and spent many years as a technical writer, editor, and web designer. She is currently the owner of Hillsborough Road Treasures. She loves to find fresh, organic, local fruits and vegetables and cook for her human family and her animal companions.

2 thoughts on “About Salette Andrews

  1. Hey Salette! I just came across your blog. I love all the delicious-sounding recipes you’ve posted lately. I’m not too far away- in Greensboro, NC. Glad to find a fellow veggie blogger in the area. (:

  2. Salette wears so many hats. Social Justice warrior, a voice for the animals, a leader in her community. She is kind and compassionate. Salette, I am so happy to call you my friend. You re one of my heroes! ❤

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