About Salette Andrews

Salette Andrews

Salette Andrews

Salette Andrews, MS, lives a healthy, joyful life in Carrboro, North Carolina, home of the world-famous Carrboro Farmers Market and the community-owned Weaver Street Market. She holds a Master’s degree in Technical Communication Management and spent many years as a technical writer, editor, and web designer. Salette owns several pet-friendly rental properties in Arizona and North Carolina, including a restored 1928 vacation cottage in historic Wilmington, North Carolina. She loves to find fresh, organic, local fruits and vegetables and cook for her human family and her animal companions.

2 thoughts on “About Salette Andrews

  1. Hey Salette! I just came across your blog. I love all the delicious-sounding recipes you’ve posted lately. I’m not too far away- in Greensboro, NC. Glad to find a fellow veggie blogger in the area. (:

  2. Salette wears so many hats. Social Justice warrior, a voice for the animals, a leader in her community. She is kind and compassionate. Salette, I am so happy to call you my friend. You re one of my heroes! ❤

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