Don’t animals eat other animals?

Do you base all your behavior on what other animals do? Many people insist that it’s natural to eat animals because other animals eat animals. It is, they insist, therefore morally neutral. However, there is rarely anything natural about humans consuming animals. We’re not doing what other animals do in nature. First, the vast majority of […]

Isn’t eating meat a personal choice?

Can a choice be personal if it has a victim? Justice is the concept by which fairness is administered. In democratic societies, justice dictates that we are generally free to do what we want as long as it doesn’t harm, exploit, or infringe upon the same rights and freedoms of others. Truly personal choices include how to […]

Why are vegans so preachy?

Do you really believe that inflicting pain and suffering on animals is justified because you were raised to believe that consuming animal flesh and secretions is normal, natural, and necessary? Or do you realize, somewhere deep inside, that vegans might be on to something? Do you realize that you do love animals and that it […]

Aren’t humans at the top of the food chain?

Do you really think that humans are apex predators? Justifications for needless violence and oppression are often based on concepts of power and supremacy: the notion that “might makes right.” Unfortunately, the belief that might makes right has justified the worst atrocities of human history. A “food chain” is a human invention that assumes a […]